A Classic and Bold Nail Polish Is the Perfect Accessory This Holiday Season

Photo: Courtesy of Madeline Poole /  @mpnails

Photo: Courtesy of Madeline Poole / @mpnails

Christmas Eve is tomorrow, yet a lot of Christmas festivity will follow the next week until New Years Eve. The perfect accessory for any outfit the following days is a bold, fun and classic nail polish. You can choose a soft pink for a natural result, a classic red one (Editors favorite!), maybe a bold gold or glittered. The choices are endless. And affordable. We picked out our favorites!

A Festive Gold

Million Mile hues from Essie, $9.00

Photos: www.essie.com

Photos: www.essie.com

A Natural Pink

155 - tra-la-la from Dior, $28.00

Photo: www.dior.com

Photo: www.dior.com

A Bold & Timeless Red With a Hint of Glitter

918 - Flamboyance from Chanel, $28

Skjermbilde 2018-12-23 kl. 11.15.29.png

A Deeper Red

512 - Methique from Chanel, $28

Photo: www.chanel.com

Photo: www.chanel.com

A Sparkly Holiday

Disco mirror ball chaos from Essie, $9.00