Adele & Anine From Estér Share Their Personal Summer Favorites!

Photo by @andrea.takle

Photo by @andrea.takle

Finally, July is here and it’s summer vacation! The Norwegian weather has not been so much to boast about thus far, but the few days it's hot and the sun is out, it's simply amazing.

Summer for us is a delicious mix of good scents, tempting food, salt water hair and comfortable clothes that fit the Norwegian temperature. We also dream about a holiday far away and look forward to reading good books this year. This weekend, Adele & Anine from Estér wanted to share their personal summer favorites!

Adele’s summer favorites


“Summer to me is sun-bleached saltwater hair, reading books that are not related to school, good food and my closest friends around me. I dream every summer about a summer house by the sea in Sweden where I can walk around in long dresses, a big straw hat and invite everyone I want for late summer evenings followed by a night bath ”.

Best summer memory: Those childhood holidays at my grandparents house. My whole family was gathered and we went out with the boat for hours, ate grandmothers homemade buns and bathed every day and every night before going to bed.

Favorite perfume: One of my best friends, recently presented Philosykos from Diptyque to me, and I fell in love! It smells like figs, salt water and vacation!

What I want to eat: In the summer I eat too much watermelon and strawberries!

Drink: Water! And a drink with taste of passionfruit, and of course ice coffee is a must.

Dream vacation: My dream vacation is probably as said in a small summer cottage by the sea in Sweden. Morning- and evening baths every day regardless of the weather, family and friends, lots of good food and silence! However, in a couple of weeks I’m going to Barcelona with my family and my boyfriend! I think this too will be a dream vacation! I like the mix of big city-life and beach vacation!

Go-to-outfit: A large, white linen shirt, jeans shorts and sandals are a must-have! I love the simple, Italian-inspired style for summer! Pimp it with a straw hat when in the sun. I’m also dependent on wool when I’m so much in Norway in the summer. I always have Grandma's home-knit sweaters with me, and right now she is knitting a sand-colored sweater with balloon sleeves that I will get for my birthday!

Beauty products: In the summer I try to use the least amount of makeup. Then I rather lubricate my skin with sunscreen and other delicious creams! If I need something special, I use RMS beauty blush for my cheeks and Glossier lip balm on my lips. I love the one with cherry flavor! Cold water is also one of my best beauty tips. Wash your face with cold water in the morning and in the evening. Then I feel extra fresh! A hot tips I learned this summer, is hair perfume! For long days on the beach, this is a perfect product to use. I’m in love with Eleventh hour from Byredo. I think it smells like applejuice!

My favorite scents this summer. Philosykos from Diptyque and hair perfume from Byredo

My favorite scents this summer. Philosykos from Diptyque and hair perfume from Byredo

Books: I love when the summer vacations is coming up, and I can replace school books with nice books. This summer, I have chosen Conversations with friends written by Sally Rooney and Svøm med dem som drukner by Lars Mytting.

What I want to do more of this summer: Enjoy every day. Every summer I just feel the days fly and you never have time to do exactly what you want. I want to create good memories with my family, my boyfriend and my best friends! Eat alot of good food, and love myself and my body just the way I am.

What I always pack in my suitcase: It all depends where I am going, but now that the trip soon goes to Barcelona and the rumors say that there is heat wave over there, it will focus on light cloths. Comfortable dresses, my favorite bikini, straw hat, sunscreen, books, sandals and swimming goggles.

The best thing about summer in Norway: The best thing about Norway in the summer is Southern Norway and Western Norway. I grew up on Sørlandet with lazy days down by the sea, boat trips with my family, shrimp for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening, and woolen clothes! I also have a family at Sunnmøre, and I love to drive the long stretch over the mountain and up West Norway. Stop by all the cozy places by the road. I love that we can have a couple of days in a summerdress, while the next few days we have to wear wool and scarves.

A perfect day: Sun, strawberries, family, boyfriend, friends, a lot of ice cream and go to bed with sunburned cheeks.

Anine’s summer favorites

Some of my beauty favorites!

Some of my beauty favorites!

A pleated skirt is a favorite, and can be great both for day- and night-time!

A pleated skirt is a favorite, and can be great both for day- and night-time!

“Summer to me is lazy days by the sea, boat trips with friends and family, and lots of quality time with the people I love. Also, a glow in my cheeks from being outside all day, and spending lots of time at Sørlandet. Great food, lots of laughter, comfortable clothes, not too much makeup, deep breaths and time to remember old - and make new - memories.”

Best summer memory: It’s so hard to choose just one, but every summer evening spent with good friends and great food is always a winner. And quality time with my boyfriend is amazing.

Favorite parfume: A smell called «Sunflower», sadly I don’t know where it’s from…

What I want to eat: A delicious salad with lots of healthy fats! Or pasta, pasta is always a good idea.

Drink: Tons and tons of water during the day, and occasionally a glass of wine in the evening.

Dream vacation: Italy! And also, when the weather is warm in Norways, there’s nothing like home!

Go-to-outfit: I usually wear a pair of old Levis jeans shorts or a pleated skirt, along with a linen or denim shirt. I pair it with my black Hermès Oran Sandals.

Beauty products: I always use spf 50 in my face, and I use the ones form La Roche Posay! On my body I wear spf 30, and honestly I just grab whatever is at hand, but preferably a natural one without parfume. When it comes to makeup, I prefer a sun-kissed face with no makeup, only sunscreen. But if I’m wearing any, I use IDUN’s foundation called NORRSKEN, and concealer, powder and blush from bareMinerals! Also, I clean my skin morning and evning, and use Exuviance soothing toning lotion and Elixir’s Anticlear Pads.

Books: I’m currently reading a classic, Gone with the wind written by Margaret Mitchell. Also, I love the «Seven Sisters» series by Lucinda Riley!

What I want to do more of this summer: Go swimming! And as Adele said; enjoy and cherish every moment, because summer seems to fly by in no time.

What I always pack in my suitcase: A straw bag for the beach, my Missoni towel, a bikini, sunscreen, sandals and a few dresses! I also bring my running gear, cause I love exploring the city I’m traveling to with a run.

The best thing about summer in Norway: Long, pink summer nights with good friends!

A perfect day: Spending the day by the ocean, swimming and eating lots of fresh fruit. The evening is best spent eating great food with friends and family, preferably while watching the sunset.

The Estér team wish you all a lovely summer. Take care of yourself and your body, and remember to love the people around you!

Written by Adele Austrud & Anine Netland Hulløen