Hege Aurelie Badendyck talks “The Cool Girl”, How to Stay Stylish During Pregnancy and Her Favouirte Artist ATM


We had a chat with lovely Hege Aurelie Badendyck, former Editor-in-Chief of Norways largest fashion magazine, Costume, and now founder of the online magazine The Cool Girl. With us, she talks about her transition from Costume to TCG, how she stays stylish while being pregnant and her thoughts on sustainable fashion.

Talking «The Cool Girl»

Who is The Cool Girl?

The Cool Girl is an intelligent, engaged and fashion oriented Scandinavian woman.

Can you describe why you made the transition from working as Editor-in-Chief of Norways largest fashion magazine, Costume, to launch your own online magazine, The Cool Girl

After 10 years in a media house who focused on the printed magazines I wanted to move forward to a digital platform, I urged to be where the readers are today and to be flexible, both in the way I work but also in my daily life.

What are your future plans for TCG? TCG is one and a half years old so we’re still quite young. We want to keep on producing good quality content which is useful for our readers as well as relevant. We do more and more content production with smaller and bigger brands. We have done collaborations with brands like Samsøe & Samsøe and lately a very exciting project with Holzweiler which will launch now in February. This is a field we want to develop even more. 

Talking fashion (and pregnancy) 

Can you share how you stay stylish, yet warm and comfortable, during the winter? 

I’m really a “comfort first” person on those freezing, snowy days and I invest in some few but good pieces like winter boots and jackets that are comfortable and warm! I reject to be cold or hardly be able to walk because of some silly shoes not made for Norwegian winter. Some key winter pieces that are functional and stylish are essential.

How has being pregnant with your first child (congratulations!) affected the way you dress yourself?

I thought it would change the way I dress even more to be honest - and I thought it would be harder to keep my personal style. Of course, I don’t vary that much in what I wear as I normally do, I wear more black pieces than normal and I can’t live without my blazers.


What are the key-pieces you need to have in your wardrobe? 

Ouff, I guess it’s my blazers and suits, my plisse skirts, my wide legged and way too long wool pants and some high quality t-shirt. Also, my jewelry - can’t live without them.

Where and who do you get style-inspiration from?

Instagram is an endless source of inspiration - I follow so many accounts it’s hard to point out one or two people that inspires me. Especially because I never copy a look - it’s more subtle than that. I love @Lifeofboheme and @maria_bernard. Lately @pernilleteisbaek and @pandorasykes has been an inspiration for the pregnancy period. I also love to watch old and new music videos!


When in a fashion-crisis, what’s your go-to outfit for a… 

Party? Right now it has been a vintage Chanel skirt in patent leather which has worked excellent during pregnancy. And some good pumps and colorful stockings.

Day at the office? Blazers, some good suit pants, sneakers and jewelry.

Saturday downtown? My boyfriends vintage pendleton shirt.

Which trends do you belive in this upcoming spring/summer season?

I believe and hope that the environmental issues will affect the way we shop and what we wear even more than now. That we reuse even more, that we are more creative with what we already have in our wardrobe and that we are more conscious regarding what we invest in. The focus on sustainability will also affect both the materials and colors we use - so I believe this summer will be a mix of 70s vibes and earthy, natural colors and materials. 

Who’s your favourite designer at the moment?

Prada is back and having a big moment now - its been a while - I believe Miuccia Prada is a true genius. I also admire Sies Marjan, Maryam Nassir Zahed and Magda Butrym.

Talking beauty 

What’s true beauty in your opinion?

If a person is comfortable in her or his own skin, if its a loving and bighearted person with great humor -thats beauty to me. I know it sound like a cliche - but honestly - if you're an unpleasant person it does not matter how beautiful you are. 

Photo: Alvin Santos

Photo: Alvin Santos

Skjermbilde 2019-02-14 kl. 18.54.22.png

How do you practice self-love?

Well, that’s always work in progress. I’m at my happiest when I produce and create, when I’m focused and time flies while my favourite music is playing in the background. 

Can you share the secret to your glowing and healthy skin?

At the moment I guess I’m blessed with some pregnancy glow! But I’m a true product junkie - I exfoliate my skin twice a week, and use moisturizing masks. Also, I use a lot of serum and oils. I also love to do dermapen treatment once in a while which boost the skin from the inside. 

Talking culture

Can you share with us your favourite… 

Artist? At the moment I’m very inspired by Alan Fears - I recently bought some drawings of him at “Got it for Cheap” at Galleri Golsa. But I’m more into photography, love everything from Petra Collins to Martin Parr, William Eggleston and André Kertész.

Hege at Petit Trois in L.A.

Hege at Petit Trois in L.A.

City? Los Angeles for its absurdity and craziness, for the huge contrasts: the homeless people and all the old overwhelmingly rich ladies.

Poem? I mainly read Norwegian poets and believe Lars Saabye Christensen is an underrated poet. His collection “Under en sort paralply” is one of my favorites.

Book? Ah, I read way too little - and it’s so sad actually. But I have some all time favorites like Paradis by Julio Cortazar which is a masterpiece. I also enjoyed Patti Smith’s Just Kids and was entertained by Grace written by former fashion director at British Vogue Grace Coddington.

Song? One song? That’s impossible. I listen to music ALL the time.

Restaurant? Petit Trois in L.A. 

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All photos are Hege’s own - unless stated otherwise - and published with her permission.

Written by Anine Netland Hulløen