Katharina Rudjord Talking Fashion, What Inspires Her and Favourite Go-To Places in Oslo

We’ve had a fashion-talk with cool-girl Katharina Rudjord. She’s currently working at Acne Studios in Oslo, and with that comes a wardrobe to die for. With us, she shares her best fashion advices, what inspires her and key pieces she needs for a stylish wardrobe.

First of all, let me just say thank you for reaching out. Nothing warms my stone cold heart more than some attention. My ego also sends her love. Just kidding. Or am I? Okay, jokes aside, I’m just your average 20 year old girl trying to live her life in the big city. Well, maybe you wouldn’t categorize Oslo as "the" big city, but coming from Stavanger, this is glorious. Actually came here to study medicine, go figure, but quickly found out I loved spending my time watching movies and taking pictures of myself instead. Got a job at Acne Studios short time after and that’s where you’ll find me.


Can you share your best fashion advices with us?

So wierd getting asked this question, because I don’t feel fashionable at all. What’s fashion? I don’t know. But I guess finding pieces you feel comfortable in makes a huge difference. Watch movies, listen to music, get inspired! Don’t try too hard, or do, for that matter. It’s all in the details and it’a all about feelings. Also, I buy vintage a lot. Whatever floats your boat honey.  


What inspires you?

That’s a tricky one. I’ll give u a short list. 

- The feeling you get after watching a very good movie. Still shooked after watching "suspiria". Luca Guadagnino, thank you very much.

- The excitement before a night out. Like, when you’re dressing up and getting ready. Anything can happen.

- People around me, strangers and close friends. 

- The Oslo summer.

- I walk a lot, that gives me some time to think. 

- So, me on my good days basically. Plus good lighting. That’s dangerous. 

What do you always bring in your purse?


What’s “good” fashion in your opinion?

If something feels effortless, cool and masculine at the same time, I’ll buy it. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Happy and in love 

How did your interest for fashion start?

Never had an understanding of what fashion was. I just wanted to dress up and be "cool" you know? Like when I dressed myself in my DIY ripped jeans, fleece and a skater beanie.  I just wanted to feel tough enough to bike around with the boys in the schoolyard. We did jumps and stuff, and with that outfit on I felt like a real badgirl. Like, okay I got this.

But I keep remembering the times I visited my aunt. She lived in Oslo, of course, and got me hooked the first time over. On caffeine, city life and real coolness. I was six. And so, when I opened her christmas present one year and the box said "Chanel" I thought, okay this is some real stuff. I started paying attention. Even though I still dress like a boy sometimes. 

Do you plan your outfit from day to day?

I really don’t. It all depends on my mood. These days I plan it according to my work. Head to toe in Acne Studios. On my days off I like to experiment. I know what I look good in and go from there. Also, sometimes I listen to my 70s dream babe persona with a 90s mentality. You know, just keeping it effortlessly cool. 


What’re your key pieces for a stylish wardrobe?

 Cotton, cashmere, silk and denim everywhere. 

Can you share with us your favourite…
 Bar Bellini, because that’s where I had my first date in Oslo. Dark, musky and exciting. 

Restaurant: Recently discovered "Ben Reddik" and I highly recommend it. Like the rest of Oslo. 


Lipgloss: It’s more like a lip balm, but my banana shaped one that also smells like banana goes with me everywhere. It’s actually from a korean brand I found at H&M. On top I sometimes like to put my dior lip gloss for some extra shine.

Clothing brand: Not much into brands but I didn’t get a job at Acne Studios for the money...Have you seen the FW19 collection yet?! And I will say my love goes out to vintage runway looks from the big ones like Chanel, Fendi and Gucci. 

Go to- places in Oslo: Any cinema will do, even though my fav is Gimle. 

Food: Pasta vongole in the summer is pretty amazing.

Drink: Would say I make some pretty decent alcohol infused tonics. Still, nothing beats an ice cold beer. Right boys?

Music: I love music. That’s it. 

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All photos are Katharina’s own and published with her permission.