What Should You Wear This Festival Season?


For some, the festival season has officially begun. For the rest of us we still have some time left to find ourselves a stylish festival outfit. You can already now start planning your entrance and being on the lookout for the perfect key-pieces for this summers festivals!

As they say, more is more. While streetwear trends continue to grow more and more, the days with flower crowns and crochet tops are long gone. We’ve tried to put together some inspirational pictures from the past festivals this season to get you ready for the summer.

Photo via   Camila Coelho

Photo via Camila Coelho

The trends to watch out for is neon, hiking boots, cowboy boots, as well as sandals, sports sunglasses and harness chest bag. There’s nothing that can outshine the neon trend and animal prints this season. Make an appearance on the scene blinding hues of pink, orange, yellow and a large dash of lime.

When it comes to shoes, pair your outfit with Dr. Martins or other statement boots. That’s the ultimate life hack for avoiding getting wet or to get sand in your shoes while attending a beach festival.

Festival style also needs to be functional. You never know when the weather might change and it will start raining. So we would recomende finding yourself a bold jacket and be ready when the rain hits.

Written by Jonas Stefan