This Copenhagen Based Fashion Impacter Will Make You Long For a Colour-Splash in Your Wardrobe

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Meet Karoline Dall, a 26 year old danish fashion impacter! She says herself that she loves combining patterns and colours in an odd and inspiring way. And truly, her playful, colorful yet elegant and chic style gives us the boldness and inspiration we need to choose to wear a more lively wardrobe this spring and summer! With us, she shares how her love for fashion started, who she gets her style inspiration from and her best go-to places in Copenhagen!

Talking Fashion

How did your love for fashion start? 

I started two years ago with posting outfits on Instagram. Very fast I felt there was quite an interest about my style and then I just kept going. I have a different style that I think people really like.

What are the key-pieces you need to have in your wardrobe?

I long mate dresses - so easy to wear and so easy to style.

What’s your best fashion advice? 

Don’t stress about wearing what’s “in” or trendy - wear the clothes that you feel the most comfortable in. That makes you shine so much more.  

Where and who do you get your style-inspiration from? 

I really like Hanna Steffensen, Annebel Rosendal, Emile Sindlev and Jeanette Madsen.

When in a fashion-crisis, what’s your go-to outfit for a party?

Always a dress - it’s one item you need to style and not several.

Which trends will you be rocking this spring/summer season?

I’m very into pastels at the moment.

What’s on top of your wishlist? 

A pair of Manolo Blahnik mules in green.

Who’s your favourite designer ATM?

Danish Résumé!

What accessory do you love ATM? 

My yellow bag from ATP Atelier - goes with everything!

Talking beauty

In your opinion, what’s true beauty?

I think you’re the most beautiful when you’re smiling and being kind to people.

How do you practice self-love? 

I try to tell my self a good thing about my self every day

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Can you share the secret to your glowing and healthy skin?

I use Origins ginzing spf 40 energy-boosting tinted moisturizer before putting on make-up - and it’s the best!

What’s in your make up bag?

Concealer, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, lip balm and brownpowder.

You have 5 minutes in front of the mirror before you need to head out - what do you do? 

Brushes my hair - a quick bronzer on my cheeks, mascara and brows.

Talking culture


What do you do when in need of some cultural input? 

Walk around the city when the suns out. Everything is so beautiful in sunlight.

Can you share with us your plans for the summer? 

I’m going with my boyfriend to Samsøe and then we’re thinking about going south. Nothing else is planned at the moment. I like being spontaneous. 

Where are your go-to-places in Copenhagen? 

I really like Bazaar for dinner, Lulu’s for cocktails and Bistro Royal for lunch and rosé in the sun.

What to you love the most about living in Copenhagen? 

I think that there’s a chill and cosy vibe and that I can bike or walk everywhere.

Can you share with us your favourite… 

Artist: Bryan Adams , haha.

City: London or Nice.

Book: Stieg Larsson.

Song: Summer of ’69 is definitely a favourite!

Restaurant: Pluto or Bazaar.

Vacation spot: Southern France, Miami, Key West and L.A.

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For more style inspiration, follow Karoline on Instagram here!

All photos are Karolines own and published with her permission.

Written by Anine Netland Hulløen