Get To Know Julie & Marie Skall, The Sister-Duo Behind SKALL Studio!

Julie and Marie Skall!

Julie and Marie Skall!

A while ago, I discovered the Scandinavian clothing brand SKALL Studio. SKALL (it’s the danish word for seashell) was established in 2013, and behind the brand are the two sisters Julie and Marie Skall. I had a chat with them about how they came up with the idea of SKALL, their future plans and best advices to those who wants to start a business themselves!

The essence of the brand is classic, chic and effortless. With a great focus on sustainability, the clothes are made of organic cotton, linen and recycled wool from Danish, local producers.

A while ago SKALL Studio’s spring collection dropped. Just one scroll through their website and our summer wardrobe got tons a new, effortless, chic and timeless inspiration!



Can you share with us how you came up with the idea of SKALL, and how the process of starting the brand came together?

We’ve always talked about creating a fashion brand together and when we finally did, we realised that there were already too many fashion brands in the market. So we decided to take a different approach on a modern fashion brand by offering something new. At that time nobody really cared about sustainability, and since we had already decided to live a vegetarian lifestyle, it came very natural for us to take that approach on SKALL studio.

How do you want SKALL to be perceived? 

As a modern and relevant fashion brand. We are designers and we love aesthetics and the process of creating something beautiful with thought and value, while contributing in making a positive change in the fashion industry. We hope that our costumers see that we truly care about the products we create and that we wish to bring love to everyone wearing SKALL. 


Can you tell us about the concept? 

Our concept is a bit different from a typical fashion brand. We only create two collections per year and each style is well-fitted, easy to wear and made of high quality that meets the demands of a modern wardrobe. The idea is to build a perfect wardrobe with clothes for every occasion. A classic wardrobe not influenced by fashion trends, but with timeless and accessible pieces that will endure across seasons, from one collection to another.

What is good fashion in your opinion? 

Good fashion is that feeling you get when you see and touch something truly beautiful. When a designer has made an effort to create something special that will enchant and last the test of time.

Can you tell us about the materials you use?

We love natural fabrics and use a lot of organic cotton and linen fabrics. We always try to source the best available options and we like to make our own fabrics too. Whether it might be a stripe or a print. We also love pure wool and all of our knitwear is made from locally sourced wool and knitted in Denmark. 

What is the key-pieces you guys think everyone needs in their wardrobe?

A classic and timeless shirt. You have so many options when it comes to putting an outfit together with a shirt. For every day use, we wear a curly shirt with laundry look (we don’t always have time for ironing) together with jeans and ballerinas. On more fancy occasions we love wearing a beautiful skirt with a shirt, especially a feminine skirt with a menswear inspired shirt. A good shirt can be worn across time and seasons.


When in fashion-crisis, what do you wear? 

A dress or a shirtdress. Wrap a sweater around your shoulders and you are good to go.

Where do you see SKALL in five years? 

We have just started selling outside Denmark and Norway is just the first step in increasing our international costumer portfolio. In five years we see Skall studio as a worldwide fashion brand. 

What advices would you give those who wants to start a business themselves?

Enjoy taking your time in the beginning, you will get more than busy later on.


If you want more eye-candy from this clothing-brand, check out @skallstudio on instagram and Currently, you can only find SKALL Studio in Denmark, however we have the pleasure of sharing that this summer you’ll find SKALL in Norwegian stores as well!


All photos are taken by Photo by Marya Pepelanova, unless otherwise is stated, and published with her permission.

Written by Adele Austrud