Meet the Cool-Girl Sofie Kullerud!

We’ve had a chat with Sofie Kullerud, a cool-girl who studies, makes jewelry and lives in Bergen, Norway!

Tell us something about who you are and what you are doing 

My name is Sofie Kullerud, I live and study in Bergen, Norway. Right now, I am on my first year at a Masters in Anthropology, and prepare the research semester where I will focus on fashion and trends, and expressions within this. I'm a summers person, I love breakfast,  I work in a bookshop and I have the best and most inspiring friends you can imagine. Weekends are my creative zone in an otherwise hectic week, so during weekends I focus on drawing, reading books and writing.


Describe yourself in three words 

Reflected, independent, minimalist

 You have lately promoted the "One line" on instagram. Can you tell us more what this is about? 

“One line” are abstract drawings, drawn without lifting the pen from the paper. This makes it difficult to predict what the drawing will look like. In addition to creating one line on paper, I have made thin steel wire brooches. These are characterized by being very simple and minimalistic, while still representing my "stretch".



Where did the inspiration and the idea for “One line” come from? 

I have always been interested in art and I like to be artistic, so it may be a bit natural for me to do things like this. When I was younger, I had a teacher that introduced me art and opened my interest to the abstract. One line is based on this.

What are your further plans with this project? 

“One line” is going to be with me for the rest of my life, for sure. However, I do not have a special vision or a specific goal with the project. I want to be able to keep making art and do other creative work, which is especially fun that it gets attention!

What is your tip to others who want to get started with creative projects? 

Just start! Don´t give up even if you´re not happy with the product in the first place. It happens quite often that I draw or make something I don’t think is good enough. My tip is to put it away and forget about it, then get back to it after a few days, or weeks. I often have a new view of the product after a short break. Remember, everyone is looking for different elements in art, what my eyes do not like can be beautiful in your eyes and vice versa.


What and who inspires you? 

There is so much! I am very drawn to colors, details, and flowers. Beautiful surroundings in general, the nature, buildings and people I see on the street. I am easily inspired by situations and also by creative friends. Friends who do their own thing and develop their creative skills, design products, write books and publish things. Friends who trust themselves and what they do.

If you got power over the world, what would happened?

This is a superhero question, but I'm cheering on a greener, more sustainable world with more caring people.


Is there anything you want to tell girls & boys today? 

Trust yourself, dare to say it when something is not right, and don´t use your time on people who gives you negative vibes.

The recent years you have lived in Bergen, can you share your best to-do’es there? 

Bergen in my heart! Eat brunch at Nobel Bopel, drink coffee at Det lille kaffekompaniet (if the sky is clear, sit outside), walk between cute houses in the narrow streets towards Nordnes. Go to the KODE museums and have lunch at Landmark. Drink drinks at No Stress and Muskedunder, and dance into the night at Vaskeriet or Landmark.

Brunch at Nobel Bopel in Bergen

Brunch at Nobel Bopel in Bergen

What is a must-have in the closet? 

Can I only choose one? That’s difficult ... But I think it will be a perfect pair of trousers! And a black roller-neck in 100% merino, and a sparkling blouse is essential. And earrings, gold hoops of course. I'm also totally dependent on fine hair clips.


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