From Copenhagen with Love, Karn

We’ve had a pre-Christmas chat with Karn Fjørtoft Kjerstad. She shares her best beauty tips with us!


Can you tell Estér-readers a bit about who you are and what you are doing these days? 

I’m currently living in Copenhagen and working as a medical doctor. During my studies I had a research year in medical education within the field of surgery at Rikshospitalet in Copenhagen. I’m now working as a surgeon as a part of my surgical resididency. In addition to being a doctor, I’m a creative soul with a passion for sustainability, food, yoga, new places and pretty things - which is expressed through my social media channels and on the digital inspiration platform, Remedie Nord, that I’ve started with Pernille (Schøller Larsen).

What is beauty for you? 

True beauty comes from within. It’s important to be in balance, eat organic and nutritious food, and get enough sleep, to take care of yourself. The most beautiful people to me are those you can see are at peace and content with themselves.

You have five minutes in front of the mirror before you have to leave, what do you do? 

I wash my face with cold water, brush my hair with my Mason Pearson hairbrusher and brush my teeth.

Now that the Scandinavian weather is getting cooler, which skin products are your must haves? 

During the winter I’m addicted to the Renewing Oil serum from Intelligent Nutrients, that I use both as a face- and hair oil.

Karn daily use her Mason Pearson hairbrusher and Intelligent Nutrients oils.

Karn daily use her Mason Pearson hairbrusher and Intelligent Nutrients oils.

What are your thoughts on todays beauty ideal? 

  I think we all need to contribute as much as we can to promote a healthy, natural and sustainable beauty ideal. Todays beauty ideal is an artificial representation of a perfect body that in real life has makeup on, is air-brushed, and last but not least unhealthy. In addition we’re being influenced to buy products that contains plastic, toxic chemicals and hormone disrupting substances - all wrapped up in a beautiful packaging. We all have to take responsibility to change this!

What do you always bring with you in your purse and make-up bag? 

Hand sanitizer, lip balm and rouge.  


Can you share your “holy grail” skin care product that you think everyone should try? 

I try to use clean and as few products as possible. I truly recommend changing all “normal” make up and hair products to sustainable, ecological and vegan products. My favorite brand is Intelligent Nutrients, a sustainable and environmentally conscious brand that has the same ecology certification as food, and their products doesn’t contain any endocrine disruptors or other poor chemicals. They give you healthy skin and a good conscience.

Together with Pernille Schøller Larsen you’re running Remedie Nord, tell us about this: 

Remedie Nord is a digital inspiration platform, a remedy, for living a balanced life. Both me and Pernille have a strong passion for a holistic lifestyle. This includes having fun and enjoying the things that soothe both the eye, body and soul. We also team up and consult partners providing creative content. 

Karn together with Pernille

Karn together with Pernille

Christmas is right around the corner. What gets you in the Christmas spirit and how is usually your December? 

In company with my family and my man, snow, good food, red wine and Last Christmas by Wham playing on repeat.

Karn’s home in Copenhagen dresses up for Christmas

Karn’s home in Copenhagen dresses up for Christmas

You’re showing friends around in Copenhagen who have never been there before, where do you take them? 

Copenhagen is best during the summer months. A perfect days starts with brunch and a morning bath at La Banchina, then sun bathing and swimming by Svanemøllen. Lunch at Apollo Bar, and a little shopping at Holly Golightly and Nué. Then, a pre-dinner glass of bubbles at the wine bar Ved Stranden, and a late dinner ans Aperol Spritz at the sidewalk Resturant Pizzeria 54. The day ends at Bremen Theater where we can dance until morning comes.

Brunch at La Banchina in Copenhagen

Brunch at La Banchina in Copenhagen


Your absolute favourites - 
Bar: Lidkoeb
Hangover cure: I'm never hangover
Fashion store: Holly Golightly
Party outfit: The little black dress and a black leather jacket.
Sunday outfit: Cashmere jogging suit
Food: Always salad 
Drink: Aperol Spritz
Top christmas song: Wham - last christmas is my absolutely favorite

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All pictures are Karn’s own, and published with her permission.