In the Bathroom With Elina Garras

We had a chat with Elina Alexandra Løken Garras, talking beauty routines, skin products and healthy living!

Elina, who are you and what do you do these days?

I am 24 years old and study Clinical Psychology at the University of Oslo. In Oslo I live at Adamstuen with my boyfriend, conveniently within walking distance to necessary facilities such as Oslo Raw, PokēBowl and Sats Elixia. My studies require a lot of reading, and although I try not to care too much about my grades it is still somehow stressful to be surrounded by so many smart people, sometimes too smart. I try to stay in balance by eating healthy, exercising and giving myself some me-time. 


This fall semester I’ve studied abroad at The University of California, Berkeley, and despite late nights and a lot of work it has enriched my life in so many ways. Moving to another country is completely different from traveling, as you get to establish an every day life in a new milieu. Further, it provides you with a new perspective on things. I think you become more open-minded by exploring and expanding your world. I definitely expanded my world when I lived in NYC some years ago, and going back there before Christmas almost feels like returning home. Lastly, I might add that in my spare time I do a little bit of acting. One should always have a plan B, right? Haha, if I’m being honest that is my big dream, but I’m not brave enough to follow it. 

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What are your favorite skin products?

Oh, where do I begin? Over the years I’ve tried so many different products I’ve lost count, so I’m a bit of a geek in this field. That said, I have come to the conclusion that expensive isn’t necessarily synonymous with quality. For some reason, money is not of any significance if the products can give me flawless skin, and since I have struggled with impurities in my 20’s I’ve been willing to try anything. At the time being my skin has found peace with Exuviance and Elixir, both containing glycolic acid. Also, I have to admit I love Glossier like everyone else…

You have ten minutes in front of the mirror before heading out, what do you do? 

I’m always in a rush, so ten minutes is no stress for me. I’ll treat my face with toner, serum and a moisturizing cream to get my skin in balance, before applying some bronzer, rouge, concealer and brow gel. And if I’m headed for something special then the highlighter from RMS is a must!

How long time do you spend in the bathroom in the morning?

I’m definitely not a morning person, and prefer sleeping as long possible. Thus, I have limited prep time in the morning. Perhaps eight minutes?

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What is you ‘Holy Grail’ product?

Nutritious food does wonders for my skin. It might sound weird, but once you think about it it’s actually very logical that your skin reflects what you put into your body. Giving a detailed description of my diet would be social suicide since everyone would see how obsessed I am, but some keywords are: fermentation, bone broth and high-quality produce. No bullshit!

What do you always bring with you in your purse?

As long as I’ve got my lip balm from Glossier, hand cream from Malin + Goetz and tampons, I’m good to go!

Your skin could never do without…?

Daily rinse! Lots of girls can go to bed without removing their makeup, but I’m not one of them. 

Can you share your best beauty tips?

A hard workout session with Hilde-Mette at SatsElixia before going to the sauna, followed by an acai bowl at Oslo Raw. I’ll guarantee an instant glow!

What are your thoughts on makeup?

Skin first, makeup second! 

How is your night ritual?

Before going to bed I do everything I didn’t have time for in the morning. Ask my boyfriend and he’ll tell you that my night routine takes ages. We’re talking a double facial rinse, exfoliation, a facemask, skin serum and moisturizer.

Your favorite: 

Bar: Torggata Botaniske in Oslo and Tupper and Reed in Berkeley!
Clothing Brand: Vince and Theory! Way too expensive but so worth it…
Party outfit: Comfort above all! On a night out you’re more likely to find me in sneakers than in high heels, and you’ll never see me wearing a mini skirt. If I feel like being extravagant I might wear a nice hair clip.
Sunday outfit: This is kind of embarrassing, but my favorite is still the Juicy Couture tracksuit I bought when I was 15…
Food: Açaí bowl, for sure!
Drinks: Freshly squeezed juice, smoothie or a tasty cocktail!

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