Beauty Talk With Maybelline Ambassador Åshild Ringhus

We had a beauty talk with the lovely Åshild Ringhus, a Bergen-based Maybelline Ambassador who works as a model. These days she feels thankful for the opportunity to travel a lot and meet wonderful & different people while working with something she love. Here, she shares her definition of true beauty, how she started her collaboration with Maybelline and her best makeup advice!


What’s true beauty in your opinion?

For me, human is the definition of beauty. 


Working as a model, can you share some valuable lessons you’ve learned?

Through meeting so many different people, I’ve learnt the importance of being true to yourself and do things that makes you the most happy. 

You’re also a Maybelline Ambassador, how did your journey with Maybelline start?

A couple of years ago, I attended a competition at norwegian TV called «Det Nye Jenta». I was truly lucky and won a trip to NYFW (New York Fashion Week) together with Maybelline. After the trip I was offered an opportunity to continue working together with them - which I definitely wanted to, and still do today.


You have 5 minutes in front of the mirror before you need to head out, what do you do? 

First priority is skincare; cleansing and a looooot of moisturizing. And if I have a few minutes left, I’ll put a bit of foundation, mascara, creamy blush and brow gel (in superspeed) on as well .

Can you share with us...

The secret to your glowing and healthy skin? 

My skin is an eternal project, so good skincare is a must have. Two of my favorite brands when it comes to skincare is Kiehls and Ole Henriksen

Your best makeup advice? 

Don’t care about «rules» and what you should or shouldn’t do. Do what you want to and enjoy the joy makeup brings.

Your best beauty product? 

This autumn and winter I’ve been addicted to «Clarins Golden Glow Booster Self Tan» to fake a nonexisting glow these cold days. 


How do you take care of your hair? 

Unfortunately I’m not the best at taking care of my hair, but I try to at least use as little heat as possible.

Do you have anything tips to maintain a good and healthy skincare routine while traveling? 

It’s an easy and simple tip; to put all of your skincare products that you use at home on small travel sized bottles, so the routine that your skin is used to at home also travels with you.

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All pictures are Åshild’s own and published with her permission.