Get Your Best Natural Beauty Tips From Maja Hattvang, the Author Behind "Naturlig nok"!

We had a beauty-talk with the inspiring and natural beauty Maja Hattvang! She is the author behind the book ”Naturlig nok”, where she writes about homemade skincare products made with safe and natural ingredients. With us, she shares her best beauty tips, go-to places in Oslo and her AM/PM routine.

Photo from Majas blog -

Photo from Majas blog -

Have you always been interested in skincare?

I’ve been drawn to the whole ritual of it since I was a child, but I started to explore skincare for real when I was maybe 19-20. 

Why did you decide to write the book “Naturlig nok” and can you share more what it’s about?

Maja with her book ‘Naturlig nok’.

Maja with her book ‘Naturlig nok’.

My approach to writing the book was to see how far I could take homemade skincare. Can you make everything you need yourself, in a satisfactory way, with products that really work? It turned out as a collection of recipes on everything from face cream and masks to deodorant and dry shampoo, made with safe and mostly natural ingredients. I also wanted it to look nice and fresh and not like your typical eco hemp string aesthetic.

Can you share with us some benefits of natural skincare?

I believe keeping it simple is the best you can do for your skin, and safe, simple ingredients like cold pressed plant oils will keep any normal skin healthy. That being said it's important to remember that not everything is safe just because it's natural, and not everything artificial is bad. On the contraty, I'm also really fascinated by active ingredients and what they can achieve.

Can you share a few easy recipes from the book that we can try out?

My favorite face mask is the oatmeal one; you just grind it, mix it with hot water, let it sit for a bit and then mix in some honey before putting it on. It's both cleansing and moisturising and leaves your face very soft and healthy-looking.

Yoghurt and turmeric is great for acne prone skin, I just mix a good dash with a tablespoon of plain yoghurt. Make sure to rinse it off properly though, it makes your skin yellow!

Photo by Maja from her blog

Photo by Maja from her blog

What’s your favourite skin care product?

I could never choose just one. But a good sunscreen that makes your face look nice and even without makeup is essential all year round, and I love the Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50 from Exuviance. 

How is your AM/PM skincare routine?

My current winter routine is as follows: AM: Cleanse with water, hydrate with a hyaluronic acid serum or Elixir Niactil advanced pro perfection facial gel, moisturise with Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, cover/spf with It cosmetics CC cream. PM: Remove makeup with my home made oil cleanser, second cleanse with CeraVe hydrating cleanser, and then I alternate between the retinol booster from Comfort Zone Skin Regimen, the Niactil and the skinrise bionic tonic pads from Exuviance, followed by the Klairs moisturizer. Also sometimes the Deep Hydration treatment from exuviance, it's amazing. If I feel like I've done too much lately I'll just do the Klairs cream.

You have five minutes in front of the mirror before you have to leave, what do you do?

Put on some cc cream, do my eyebrows and blush for both cheeks and eyelids. Also, lip balm.

Photo from Majas blog -

Photo from Majas blog -

Can you share your “holy grail” skin care product that you think everyone should try out?

The skinrise bionic tonic pads from Exuviance are truly amazing. They fix everything and make your face kinda shiny, I like it.

What’s true beauty to you?

The sound my girlfriend makes when she sees a cute animal on Instagram.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Being by the sea with friends.

What do you always bring in your purse?

A million lip products that I never end up using.

Breakfast outside by Maja

Breakfast outside by Maja

How do you practice self-love?

I mostly just do what I feel like doing. 

Can you share what a normal day in your life looks like?

I try to get up in time for a slow shower and breakfast in bed before I run to the office. I work in publishing now, it's pretty fun. After work I have pottery class or dinner with friends or we just stay in and watch series and have a boring brilliant time. I'm kind of in hibernation right now but it's nice.

Maja with her favorite food. ‘Everything that makes it’s own house’.

Maja with her favorite food. ‘Everything that makes it’s own house’.

Your favourite:

Bar: Merkur

Restaurant: Le Benjamin

Clothing brand: FWSS 

Party outfit: Jeans and a t-shirt, glitter eyeshadow

Sunday outfit: Cotton pajamas from Studio Bazar

Food: Everything that makes it's own house. Mussels, oysters, escargots

Drink: Water or a buttery white burgundy

Go to-places in Oslo: I used to always go to Kunstnernes hus, for coffee or beer or pizza or drinks. Brasserie France for friday lunch, Katla for saturday night dinner, Summit 21 for drinks, Tranen for pizza, Trattoria Popolare or Tekehtopa for pasta, secret clubs for dancing, Skur 33 for pasta in the summer, BIT for coffe and croissants à 30 kr in the mornings because it's close to my office. Hovedøya or Bygdøy every day all summer. Litteraturhuset for 19 kr oysters in the summer. I'm excited to try the caviar and vodka at Nemesis.

For more inspiring photos and writing from Maja, follow her on Instagram at majahattvang or at her blog Also - you can buy her book here, here or here!

All photos are Maja’s own and published with her permission.