In the Bathroom With Maria Huseby

We had a chat with 21 year old Maria Huseby. While trying to figure out what to do when she grows up, she spends a lot of time writing, working on a couple of projects (we hopefully get to see!) and some modeling. With us, she shares her thoughts on todays beauty ideal, her night ritual and her best Oslo tips!

Photo by Marthe Thu for Studio Bazar.

Photo by Marthe Thu for Studio Bazar.

What are your favourite skin products?

Products with as short ingredients lists as possible. 

Can you share with us your thoughts on todays beauty ideal?

I hope the concept "beauty ideal" soon will be an outdated thing, and that the space for diversity soon becomes significantly larger and better represented. Otherwise, I start to get quite tired of how we talk about each other's appearance and how it builds up the already enormous pressure we are exposed to. It is expected of us that we should be pretty, but with strict requirements it’s impossible to satisfy: if we don’t use makeup we’re seen as unstable, but if we use too much or even worse, we operate, we’re criticized for being ugly or not pretty in the right way. We'll be pretty without trying too hard to be it - an all-out game to win. The fact that people throw out their opinions about what other people do with their appearance all the time is creating many limitations for one another. It can be wrong no matter what one does and I’m scared of that. Thank you to everyone who does their own thing and allows others to do the same in peace.

You have ten minutes in front of the mirror before heading out, what do you do? 

I’m very fond of sleeping and prioritize that over time in front of the mirror, so ten minutes is the usual routine for me. I spend maybe seven minutes on skin care; cleanse, toner, moisturizer (with SPF! Important!) and the remaining three minutes on powder foundations and brows.

How long time do you spend in the bathroom in the morning? 

Ten minutes if I have plans, but I spend ages if I can. I love to drink coffee, listen to chill music and dance a little while letting the various products absorb into my skin.


What’s your “Holy Grail” product?


Sunscreen! Every day.

What do you always bring with you in your purse?

All the basics - keys, wallet and phone. And of course, bubblegum!

Your skin could never do without...?

My skin is completely dependent on all the tips you always get: drinking lots of water, the right amount of sleep and daily cleansing both morning and evening.

Can you share your best beauty advice?

My number one tip is to go to a dermatologist and get a survey of what skin type you have. Know your skin and how it responds to and acts on different products. Don't trust others recommendations; a product that works well for me, isn’t necessarily right for you and your skin, such things are so individual. Test yourself, be patient, start easily and avoid doing “too much skin” at once.

How is your night ritual?

My regular routine is double cleanser and moisturizer, as well as exfoliation a few times a week. Some periods I like to add different products such as a toner, serum or eye cream. However, my experience is that my skin works best with a simple routine and that you don’t need as many different products as the beauty industry says you should buy.

What are your key pieces for a great and stylish wardrobe?

I change my mind about key pieces all the time, but my go-to pieces nowadays are wide pants, turtlenecks, soft colors and gold accessories.

Photo: Marthe Thu for Studio Bazar.

Photo: Marthe Thu for Studio Bazar.

You’re showing friends around in Oslo who’ve never been there before, where do you take them?

Vigeland Museum and Munch's studio at Ekely, in addition to Prindsens Hage or out on the islands for a swim in the summer. Also Bristol for drinking cocoa or watching movies at Cinemateket in the winter.

Munch’s studio at Ekely.

Munch’s studio at Ekely.

Even though it’s almost February, can you share your resolutions for 2019?

I am not so fond of New Year's resolutions, but in the coming year I would like to be creative, take better care of the planet and not think too much.

Your favourite: 

Bar: Wherever there is karaoke.

Party outfit: Prioritize an outfit you can dance in!

Sunday outfit: Bathrobe or no clothes at all, hehe.

Food: Anything Asian!

Drink: Water.

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All pictures are Maria’s own and published with her permission.