In The Bathroom With Sari Sangolt

Photo by Ida Fiskaa

Photo by Ida Fiskaa


We had a bathroom-talk with Sari Sangolt. Maybe you’ll recognize her as one of Costumes cover girls? This beauty is born and raised in Bergen, and is currently working as a model. With us, she shares her favorite skin care products, her AM/PM routine, and her idea of perfect happiness.

Can you share with us your thoughts on todays beauty ideal?

I wish we could all be more carefree. Be the type of person that you think is beautiful and good. Don’t be controlled by or be limited by anything or anyone around you.

What’re your favorite skin care brands? 

Babor, Elixir, Beldi and Biologique Recherch


You have ten minutes in front of the mirror before heading out, what do you do? 

Brushing my teeth, do my hair, brow gel and lip balm. Ready!

How much time do you spend in the bathroom in the morning? 

Varies every day! Depends on if I’m running late or not. Everything from 5 to 30 minutes.

What’s your 'Holy Grail' product? 

Beldi Pure Argan Oil! I use it for everything, on my face, body and in my hair. I also use it in the bath water, as makeup remover, hand cream, even on food if needed. As long as I have the Argan Oil, everything goes smoothly.


What do you always bring with you in your purse? 

A book to write in, pencil, wallet, my phone, lip balm, water and headset.

Your skin could never do without...? 

My cleansing oil from Babor, Beldi Argan oil, a good moisture cream, and acne pads from Elixir if I have unclean skin.

How’s your AM/PM routine? 

AM; Washing my face in cold water and comb my hair. Currently I’m trying out P50 lotion from Biologique Recherche! Serum, face cream and sun factor (also Biologique Recherche), taking Beldi Argan oil on chest and arms and moisture on the lips. PM; comb my hair again, Babor renserituale, and then serum and night cream.

How do you practice self-love? 

With walks in the woods, or listening to good music.


Can you share your best beauty tips? 

Take Sauna or Hammam! Then you’ll get both skin and soul cleansed!

What's your idea of perfect happiness? 

When you succeed in what you do.


Tell us what a normal day in your life looks like? 

Trying to get up early to get a lot out of a day. Going to bed around 23.00. Everything in between varies greatly .. Whether it's traveling in connection with work, being with friends, family or working with my own projects.

Can you share with us your favorite... 

Bar in Bergen? Café Opera, day and night!

Restaurant? Café Spesial.

Clothing brand? Vintage/second hand.

Go to-place in Bergen? The library in Bergen.

Party Outfit? A comfortable outfit. Adding up with jewelry or makeup instead of an unpleasant dress.

Food? A good sourdough slice I have baked myself

Drinks? Water, tea, red wine and beer.

Makeup? Healty glow foundation from Chanel, brow gel and rouge. 

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All photos are Sari’s own, unless otherwise is stated, and published with her permission.

Written by Adele Austrud