In The Bathroom With Actress Emilie Skolmen



We had a chat with cool-girl Emilie Skolmen. An actress we can’t wait to see more of! At this moment she’s recording season 2 of ‘Jul I Blodfjell’ wich we look forward to see this Christmas. Beside this, Emilie and her boyfriend has just bought an old Volkswagen Caravelle as they are turning it into a motorhome. With us, she talks about her thoughts on todays beauty ideal, how she practice self-love and her Sunday outfit!

 What are your favourite skincare products? 

I was introduced to Skinrise Bionic Tonic pads from Exuviance a few months ago. And they quickly became a favorite. Fun when products do what they promise. Gives lots of glow and tightens up.

 You have ten minutes in front of the mirror before heading out, what do you do? 

Dry shampoo is and remains a go two when I have bad time (and good time so far), then I lubricate myself with some BB cream in the face (the one from the Bodyshop has sailed up as a fave), a little concealer under the eyes is a must and brow gel in the brows. Then I’m ready ready for almost anything.


Can you share with us your thoughts on todays beauty ideal? 

There’s plenty to say about this, and it’s sad that the look and body are still so highly valued in our society. But in order to focus on the positive, I try to see a healthy trend and development when it comes to beauty ideals anyway. I see more and more opposition to the "perfect" and many are now more concerned with what’s real than what’s in the eyes of society in a neat way. More and more people dare to show true body with all that involves; stretch marks, scars, pigment spots, wrinkles, even everything that makes us feel. The small, fine things that make us unique and not a product of the time's ideal. It’s exciting to look at, it’s the beauty of my eyes and one ideal we must continue to strive for. I hope we can continue in this track and focus more on what makes us good people rather than what is nice to look at.

How do you practise self-love? 

Eating nice food, surrounding myself with nice people, read beautiful books and listen to good music. Find out what makes you happy and do it often.


How long time do you spend in the bathroom in the morning? 

It varies greatly. But fixing in the morning is a nice little ritual. I appreciate more and more the little time I have in the morning, so I try to get up as early as possible. Wash my face, take on some delicious moisturizer, and getting ready for a new day!

What is Your Holy Grail Product? 

The night cream Evening Restorative Complex from Exuviance.

What do you always bring in your purse? 

Alot of differents lipbalms, my calender, a notebook, my phone, wallet and mistspray, and a lot of other stuff. I always have a packed bag without knowing what most of it is inside.

Your skin could never do without...? 


Can you share your best beauty advice?

Wash the pillow case frequently and finish you hairshower with cold water.

How is your night ritual?

As I said, I love the morning routine in the bathroom. While the evening routine I think is just boring. Then it's about to get the makeup removed as soon as possible and rub in with some night cream. Then plunge to bed.


Can you share with us your favorite…

Bar: Hang out in the bar at Bass is one of my favorite things do do!

Resturant: Izakaya.

Artist: This is a hard one. But Håkan Hellstrøm is a big favorite. And I also listen to everything from Joni Mitchell to Tame Impala.

Song: ”Heres to life” by Sherly Horn.

Sunday outfit: Comfortable clothes so I can lie on the couch to eat cheesedoodles and watch all the seasons of “Gift ved første blikk”.

Food: Spaghetti in all varieties.

Drink: White wine.

Clothing brand: Not so keen on brands. Buying mostly vintage. But if I buy myself a nice dress, I usually go for Ganni.

All photos are Emilie’s own and published with her permission.

Written by Adele Austrud