Sophie Jebsen's Styling Tips, Favourite Museum and More

We sat down with the stylish 24-year old Sophie Jebsen, talking fashion & art!

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you’re doing these days?

I am 24 years old and currently doing a Masters in Accounting and Finance in London, but I have previously lived in Milan studying Graphic Design and Art Direction. Two quite opposing degrees, and I feel quite torn between my creative side and my more “analytical” side. However, I love challenging myself creatively on a daily basis. Either when putting together an outfit, taking photos with my analogue camera, or posting on Instagram.

Sophie Jebsen in Chinatown London

Sophie Jebsen in Chinatown London

How did your interest for fashion and art start?

I have always been interested in fashion, but my interest in art has grown over the years. Both my parents have had a strong interest in art and aesthetics, and my mother is the most stylish person I know - so I think that’s how I came to love both fashion and art so much. 

I think it is an all too common perception that an interest in fashion minimizes ones intellect. I largely disagree with this and I am so intrigued by fashion as an industry. It is the second largest industy in the UK for example, and not only filled with creative people, but also incredibly intelligent people.

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Do you have any styling tips you swear by and that you would like to share with the Estér-readers?

I feel most myself when I don’t put too much effort into my outfits. Once I overthink, I automatically feel uncomfortable. My styling tips are therefore; dress for yourself and learn what suits you, but dare to break the rules. 

I really like to play with oppositions, for example paring boyfriend jeans with a feminine top or a silk slip skirt with a chunky knit.

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What are the essentials you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

I don’t want to say the a perfect jeans and blazer, because how more obvious can it get? 

I think that one should invest in a really cool jacket or coat, and a great pair of shoes. I (too) often wear jeans and a tshirt, and love throwing over a cool jacket to instantly elevate the look. Shoes are also extremely important, jeans and a t-shirt can become a completely new outfit by just changing shoes.

Is there anything specific that inspires you?

On a daily basis I get a lot of inspiration from just people-watching, and I always love a good scroll through Instagram or Pinterest. Magazines will, however, always be my greatest source of inspiration when it comes to combining fashion with photography, art and story telling. I have almost every issue of British, American and French Vogue dated back to 2010.

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What’s on the top of your wishlist right now?

My dream wishlist is always filled with things I will never be able to get my hands on. I think half the fun is to covet amazing and unattainable pieces, and try to find ways to copy the look at a more affordable price.

But at the top of my more realistic wishlist is a vintage fur collar/shawl that can be thrown over a jacket and instantly revamp it when the temperature starts to drop. 

How do you take care of yourself?

I am definitely not the right person to ask for advice on how to live healthy. I love everything sweet and unhealthy…I live by the mantra everything in moderation and don’t like to restrict myself to diets or rules. Life is just too short. 

However, I love starting my day by exercising, it really boosts my energy level throughout the day. In addition, I take very good care of my skin and have never gone to bed or started a new day before completing my skincare routine. 

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Where is your dream destination?

I always prefer travelling to a city rather than a holiday at the beach. I really enjoy going new places, and the list of cities I dream to visit is long. 

But if I were to pick somewhere I have been before it must be Paris - however cliché it might sound. Last time I was there I got some amazing tips from my friend who has lived there. We ate at tiny restaurants and bars, and almost felt like locals - making me love the city even more.





Your favorite museum?

My favorite museum must be Fondazione Prada in Milan. In addition to showing many exciting and unconventional exhibitions, the firm OMA and Rem Koolhaas are the architects behind it, making the location worth a visit alone. The museum’s retro Milanese café by Wes Anderson is also a perfect spot for people-watching.

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Fondazione Prada, Milan

Since you’ve been living in Oslo the most of your life, can you share your go-to places in the city?

Apart from my own home in Oslo, one of my favorite places is the Vigeland Museum. The museum’s enormous rooms are filled with the amazing sculptures of Gustav Vigeland. I think far too few people know about it, because I am always very lucky to be the only one there, which makes the visit even more pleasurable. 

Vigeland Museum, Oslo

Vigeland Museum, Oslo

Vigeland Museum, Oslo

Vigeland Museum, Oslo

As seen on Instagram, you’ve started a scarf-as-bag-trend. Can you tell us a bit about how this all happened?

It’s slightly comical how I first came up with the “idea” behind the scarf bag, as I never intentionally tried to make it a trend. I made the scarf bag this summer as I had forgotten to bring a small purse on holiday and was in desperate need of something to put all my stuff in. I don’t think I am the first to do this to a silk scarf, even so I hadn’t seen it before and I think maybe The Row’s - bag was what I had in mind when I started making knots on my scarf. 

I really liked the outcome and have been doing this to many of my scarves. I generally hate things that scream “designer” and love how this bag looks so effortless and cool.  

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All pictures are Sophie Jebsen’s own and published with her permission.