Andrea W. Rognstad Shares Her Best Styling Advice For a Warm & Stylish Winter

We had a fashion-talk with the beautiful, smart and stylish Andrea W. Rognstad, who is regularly featured on iconic fashion sites like Vogue, Elle and Who What Wear. The 25 year old lives in Oslo and currently works at Hermès, as well as working on her social media account (check out her Instagram if you’re in need of some fashion input). Here, she shares her thoughts on why fashion in important, her best styling advice this winter and her go-to outfit.

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Have you always been interested in fashion?

Yes, ever since I was a little girl! I've always been interested in beauty too - when I was little I used to sit on top of the detergent box next to my grandma while she did her makeup in the morning.

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What are you best advice for those who simply feels like their style just isn’t that great, and want to make some stylish changes?

The problem with social media is just that, it makes someone feel like their style is not that great, however I think everyone has their own style in one way or another. I think you should always wear something you feel comfortable in. My best advice to look fashionable is doing a monochrome look. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an all black look, but have fun with different shades of the same color!

Living in Oslo, how do you combine function and style during freezing winter months?

Knitted sweaters, chunky winter boots and warm jackets. I’m obsessed with jackets, and I think I have more jackets than any other clothing piece. I always tell my self “no more jackets”, but I don’t think I can ever stop...

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Are your looks well planned or do they come with less thought?

I plan my looks more when a special event is coming up - my everyday wardrobe is more based on how I feel, what mood I’m in and how courageous I’m that day.

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Why do you think fashion and style is so important?

I feel like fashion and style is a way to express who you are. It is a way to be creative, to create art and history.

What’s your go-to outfit when you don’t feel like making an effort?

I have a pair of black high waist pants, that are kind of cropped. They work with everything in my wardrobe, and are perfect for my body-figure, I always feel comfortable when wearing them.

What’s the most precious clothing item you own?

My ponyhair coat from Theory, in leopard print. I love animalprint, and I waited for 6 months until this got on enough sale so that I could afford it! It originally retailed for 22.000NOK, and I got it for 6.600NOK!

Do you have any exciting plans and/or new years resolutions for 2019?

I want to travel more, eat better and purchase quality over quantity.

Can you share with us your...

Favourite designer right now?

Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks (Saks Potts) and like everyone else: Phoebe Philo (Old Celine).

Favourite restaurant?

In Oslo? Must be Delicatessen and Enoteca (and I love love love the asian tartar by NomadsBySawan!).


Pandora Sykes, Carmen Grace Hamilton and Camille Charriere.

Key-pieces everyone should have in their wardrobe?

A good pair of jeans, cashmere knits, a great handbag and shades that complement your face.

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Best beauty tips?

Drink lots of water (!), cut down on sugar, Odacite skin serums, Purelan to use as lip balm (actually a nipple cream) and a good eye creme (current favorite from Decleor).

Favourite part about winter?

My favourite part about winter is visiting my parents cabin, eating lots of food, drinking red wine and wearing cashmere from top to bottom!

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Best party outfit?

A pair of huge earrings! You can wear anything as long as you have huge, sparkly earrings and a good lip stick!

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