Today, the Last Friday of 2018, Rikke Sandvold Shares Her Best Party Outfit, Beauty Tips and More!

We had a chat with the lovely and stylish Rikke Sandvold talking fashion, beauty, New Years resolutions and more!

Can you tell Estér readers who you are, and what you’re up to these days? And how did your interest for fashion start?

I´m a 26 year old living in Oslo, where I go to law school at the University of Oslo. I have one and a half years left there and after that I honestly have no Idea what I want to do. My interest towards fashion started very early. My dad was in the retail industry when I was little so it was always a part of the conversation at home. 


What inspires you?

Everything really. People I meet or see on the street especially . Lately I´ve gotten most of my inspiration from different accounts on Instagram and watching every high end fashion show from beginning to end on Youtube.

What are the essentials you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

I guess I could say what everyone says when asked this question: a good fitted blazer or jacket, the perfect white tee (from Julie Josephine ofc) and a good pair of jeans from Toteme. 

How do you dress up for a casual day? … And for party?

I like to dress up on the week days, even if I´m just going to the library. When I go out I tend to dress a bit down, just something simple, often all black, depending on where I´m going. I´ll pair my outfit with some sparkly (often huge) earrings if I want it to be more dressed up. I wear a lot of makeup when I go out so I think it´s nice to keep it simple when it comes to the clothes I throw on. If it´s a fancy party, I´ll always wear a dress or a skirt with some high heels. 

Rikkes high heels from Prada

Rikkes high heels from Prada

Can you share your best beauty tips with us?

I tend to over do my beauty routine, and that never turns out well. My tip is to not over do it, and change it up every once in a while. Whenever I get breakouts or just feel that my face is a bit dull, I use my favorite Norwegian skin care brand, Elixir. I can not stress enough how much I adore this skin care brand. I also feel at my best when I manage to have a good work out routine. It makes me feel beautiful inside and out. Feeling strong and healthy is a good place to start when it comes to beauty in my opinion. 


What is on top of your wishlist right now?

Ah so hard to pick one, but anything Phoebe Philo ever designed for Céline. I am still in mourning over her departure from the brand. 

Recently I came across a jewelry brand called Neva (@nevaoslo), and now I can´t get their rings out of my head. All the pieces from the new collection called “Audace” are so incredibly beautiful. 

What do you always bring in your purse?

My phone, 6 different shades of lipsticks(I like to mix the colors), my Glossier balmdotcom in Cherry, my wireless iPods (God bless them), my Juul and some jewelry. 

Top 3 instagrams who inspires you:




What is “good” fashion in your opinion?

Good fashion to me is being individual and conscious as a consumer. In the late part of 2018 I been trying not to buy so many items from high end brands, and rather save up for second hand designer items. The quality is so much better and you end up with unique pieces that you can have forever. 


What to you look for when buying new clothes?

I try to look at the fit. My dad always said «dress accordingly to your figure, and stay away from trends that don´t flatter your body type”. 

How is your relationship to Oslo, and what are your best Oslo tips?

It is the place I grew up so I will always hold it close to my heart. But on this time of the year it´s a sort of hate/love relationship. I hate the fact that the snow and ice limits the kind of footwear you can use, as I am a shoe freak. But when May comes along, I love to walk around Oslo and just enjoy the great vibe of this city. My best Oslo tip is to get out of Oslo every once in a while, because when I come back, I always appreciate it more then when I left it.


Do you have any New Years resolutions?

Three years ago, I decided not to have any new year resolutions because I never manage to keep them anyway. 

Your favorite:

Bar: Bar Bellini or Trattoriet at Grunerløkka 

Brand: Vincci 

Party outfit: All black in different fabrics 

Sunday outfit: my boyfriends PJs 

Food: any type of pasta will do 

Drinks: Red win


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All pictures are Rikkes own and published with her permission.