From London With Love, Rikke Krefting

We had a chat with London-based Rikke Krefting, talking fashion, London, and healthy routines!

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Can you share with Estér-readers who you are and what are you doing these days?

I’m a Norwegian girl based in London. My name is Rikke Krefting and I’m 24 years old. I moved to London to study, and have stayed here ever since. Not sure I will ever be ready to leave... I’m currently working for Tom Ford and doing some instagramming on my time off. 

Have you always been passionated about fashion?

Definitely! My mum told me she could see I would become a fashion lover from the age of only 4 years. I refused her to dress me, and she explained my outfits as extremely ‘unexpected compositions’. I think I fell in love with fashion at such a young age due to the way individuals differentiate and express ourselves through the way of dressing.

How would you describe your style?

As my mum said 20 years ago, ‘unexpected with a twist of classy’. I love mixing and matching luxury and high-street brands, and lets not forget messing around in my grandmother and mums closet to find treasures from the 60’s- 90’s. thank god they’ve kept so much!

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Favorite fashion moment?

This is a tricky one. I think my first time sitting front row at a fashion show or when I got my job at one of my favorite brands. 

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What do you love about London & can you share your London must sees?

Everything! I love the the people, the vibe, the climate, the streets and that it’s a city where everything can happen if you just work hard enough.

My must sees are actually all the various areas in the city. London is a city put together by many small villages. And I love all the small boutique restaurants in Soho, coffee strolls and vintage shopping In Shoreditch and my everyday life in Chelsea.

How do you stay in shape?

Some people call me a ‘work-out freak’. I love to workout! Haha, I know that’s an annoying answer, but it’s true. 

Can you share with us your...

Favorite designers?

The Attico girls, Gilda Ambrosio & Georgia Tordini and Phoebe Philo  for Céline. 

Skin Care routine?

ZO skinheath cleans,scrub, acne pads and moisturiser. 

Absolute key-pieces you need in your wardrobe?

The perfect leather pants, an oversized white t-shirt with shoulder pads, edgy sneakers and an elegant blazer or a cashmere turtleneck. I live in my new one from noName by Mathilde. 

Rikke in her cashmere turtleneck from noName by Mathilde.

Rikke in her cashmere turtleneck from noName by Mathilde.

Expectations for the new year?

Accomplish all my goals, work hard and to have healthy family and friends.

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You can follow this stylish beauty on Instagram here (@rikkekrefting)!