Katarina Petrovic Talks Black Suit Obsession, Skin Care Secrets & Love Life With Boyfriend Belmin Keranovic!

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I had a chat with the lovely and oh-so sweet Katarina Petrovic, a 25 year old Serbian born who lives in Norway. She’s based in Oslo, and after studying journalism she’s now working full-time at Aller Media as a commercial journalist as well as working with A Style Journey and Instagram. With us, she talks about moving into a new apartment, favourite designers ATM and whether or not it was love at first sight with her boyfriend, Belmin Keranovic!

Talking Fashion 

What are the key-pieces you need to have in your wardrobe? 
The key-pieces I need to have is a good tailored black blazer, a suit, a round neck white t-shirt and oversized white shirts. 

Where and who do you get your style-inspiration from? 
By living; when I’m traveling, shopping, going for a Sunday walk, eating at a restaurant or just by hanging on Instagram. And of course by watching fashion shows and campaigns – Vogue Runway is my favorite app, after Instagram!

When in a fashion-crisis, what’s your go-to outfit for a... 

Black suit.

Day at the office? 
Black suit.

Saturday downtown? 
Black suit! Hehe. Always a black suit. Whenever I’m on the run I go for it. It’s my favorite go-to pieces as it’s so easy to transform in no time. 

Which trends do you believe in summer season?
I’m still a huge fan of suits and sets, but also everything loose and natural. Long dresses, kaftans and xxxl shirts – especially in white. Another obsession I have atm is suit shorts and chunky golden chains (both necklaces and bracelets).

Who’s your favourite designer ATM?
Favorite designer ATM has to be Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta. I’m having a real obsession at his work these days. But of course I have some all-timers like: Nicolas Ghesquiere LV, Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Mary Kate and Ashley for The Row and Luke and Lucie Meier for Jil Sander.

What accessory do you love ATM? 
Everything chunky and golden. Especially chains. 

Talking beauty


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In your opinion, what’s true beauty?
A cliché, but self respect and confidence. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than that. 

How do you practice self-love?
By being thankful for waking up healthy every morning and by surrounding myself with people I love and who loves me back. 

Can you share the secret to your glowing and healthy skin?
Well, my skin is not always healthy and glowing, BUT it’s definitely at its best when I try to stress down and listen to my body’s needs, drink water and have good skincare routines. I always cleanse my skin morning and evening, same goes with moisture. My routine is cleansing, toning, sometimes essense, serum and oil or face cream (depending on the period). Also there is no secret makeup is an amazing glowmaker; I LOVE natural looking highlighters!

You only have 5 minutes in front of the mirror before you need to head out - what do you do? 
Easy! Wash/cleanse my face, put on a face oil, hide imperfections and irregular skin tone with a concealer, brush over face with a bronzer, put on a lipliner and brush my eyebrows with a gel before I put my hair in a bun and RUN!

Talking love

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How did you meet your boyfriend, Belmin Keranovic?
We met at high school actually – even though our families have common friends, so it’s actually strange we didn’t meet before. BUT that’s probably just a good thing, hehe. We’ve been together since. 7 years.

Was it love at first sight?
I think it was, even though non of us have actually admitted it. So I can be the first one to do it. The flirt started immediately and I remember my best friend noticing me being strange when he was around and she said: You like him? My answer was: No, he has huge legs. And then she knew. Somehow we always ended up being at the same places after that, and that was definitely not coincidences – at least not from my side.

In the often chaos of every day-life, how do you find time to nurture your relationship? 
I believe that everyone has their own methods for finding balance between work and privacy,  and that some days are easier than others. However I think it’s important to understand each others professions (that they are different and require different) and respect each others goals.  Both Belmin and I live and like to live a hectic and active everyday life, which means we rarely have many hours together during the weekdays. But both of us appreciate and love these common moments and make the most out of them by planning, as well as being spontaneous when the opportunity presents itself. And when it does, leaving our phones and do other things than work is key for us. If there is one thing we know, it's to exclude ourselves from the rest of the world. It’s the best feeling. 

What are the things you love the most about Belmin?
There are so many, so this list is going to be long. In my opinion he’s the closest to a complete human. He is calm, no burdened/effortless, natural, caring (sometimes way to much), reflected, funny, mysterious yet so open and communicative, sensitive, confident… do you want me to continue? Hehe.

Where do you see your relationship ten years from now? 
Hopefully, we’ll love and learn each other even more and – if we can – we’ll have kids to love together as well. 

Talking interior 

As we see on instagram you’re currently moving into a new apartment with your love - can you share with us how this process has been for you? 
Renovating and choosing every little details is the most amazing opportunity one can have home wise – you get it exactly how you want it. BUT whoever tells you it’s easy, is lying. It has definitely been a process, but we’re slowly getting there and our home is getting so warm and very authentic. Very us. 

Where do you find inspiration when deciding the look of your new apartment?
To be honest most of the ideas that’re now live in our home, was just wishes and dreams I’ve had for a while as well as an reflection of Belmin and me. I think it’s a combination of our childhood and the travels we’ve been on the last couple of years – both personal, style wise and in the literal meaning, travels. Our home is a mix of our style, the minimalistic part, and our Balkan backgrounds and personality, the warm and welcoming part. 

What’s your favourite thing about your new home?
My favorite thing about our home is that it reflects us. I see us in it and I LOVE it. 

Where do you go to find the best interior and decor pieces? 
Pinterest is always a good idea and I love the magazine RUM. But the best inspiration for me is travels. 

Talking culture 

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What do you do when in need of some cultural input?
I read or travel. 

What are your plans for this upcoming summer?
Italy. Most likely Puglia this year. 

Where are your go-to-places in Oslo? 
I love Trattoria Populare and Villa Paradiso for dinner and a cozy and warm atmosphere. We know the people working there which makes these places more like dinner at friends’ than restaurants. 

Can you share with us your favourite... 

Artist? I don’t have one – I love music that makes me feel alive. But traditional Balkan music and Italian are favourites. 
City? Rome.
Book? Hard one. Maybe Anna Karenina.
Restaurant? In Oslo? Trattoria Populare. 

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All photos are taken from Katarina’s Instagram and published with her permission.

Written by Anine Netland Hulløen