Thea Roll Rakeng Talks About Her New Lifestyle As Mom, Fashion, And Her Love For Paris


I’ve had a chat with the beautiful Thea Roll Rakeng. She works as a journalist in VG, but is currently busy with maternity leave. Nine weeks ago she became mom for the first time and is completely in love with her little man Albert, and of course the babydaddy, Jon Martin. With us she talks about how the new life affects her style, what stands at the top of her wish list and her favorites in the wardrobe.


What are the key pieces you need to have in your wardrobe? 

A good pair of vintage levi’s jeans, a feminin lace blouse, flower dress, a vintage coat that stands out in the crowd, suede boots and sneakers. And to top it all, a nice bag. 


When in a fashion-crisis, what’s your go-to outfit for a… 


Party: I never get tired and have a special love for flower dresses with a feminine touch. A flower dress that suites your body, black leggings, suede boots and a leather jacket can’t go wrong.

Day at the office: 501 jeans, New Balance sneakers and a white crispy shirt. 

Sunday morning: My merino wool suit, big scrunchie and Ugg slippers. 

How has the first week as a new-born mom affected the way you dress yourself? 

Hmm... What can I say. Difficult! I gained a lot during my pregnancy, so none of my jeans fits me. (They still don’t...) In terms of breastfeeding I need to have a shirt that easily opens. So these days I only wear strenchy leather tights and oversized jeans compared with big wool sweaters and shirts. Therefore I find myself focusing more on accessories these days - hair clips, belts, jewelry and bags. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

People watching in the streets of Oslo, my girlfriends and cool girls I follow on Instagram. 

@parysatis, @sabinasocol, @whitneyeveport, @aninebing.


What is on top of your wishlist now? 

A new Chanel 2.55 and a pink knitted cardigan from Rouje. 


What do you always bring in your purse? 

Carmex, eyelash curler, sunglasses and now, diapers and wipes. Haha! 

What is 'good' fashion in your opinion? 

I think good fashion is confidence to have your own personal style and not following trends like a slave. I always get inspired by women dressing with personal and quirky twists like an old piece of jewelry that means something to them, a cool jacket that stands out or big earings.


How do you practice self-love?

I practice self-love every single day! Most mornings I light a lot of candles in my apartment and make myself a big mug of fresh brewed coffee. The first cup is always the best. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table make me so happy. For weekends I must have french cheeses,  chacuterie and a good dark red wine. Heaven on earth. I also do mani and pedi once in a while. I love that cheap and good manicure shops that they have in New York is starting to pop up all over Oslo. 

How does a regular day look to you, now as you have become a mom? 

It usually starts around 7 or 8 am waking up to my son smiling and «talking» these days! His ultimate primetime is early mornings. Hope it lasts! Then it’s a big mug of coffee, diaper change number 1 of 100, and a shower. We stroll the streets of Frogner all day long and often go to Frognerparken or Bygdøy. Coffeebreak on Samson, Eckers or Kaffebrenneriet with some girlfriends who also is in maternity leave. I’m really looking forward to full on spring and summer with my little man. Then dad gets home and we try to eat dinner at the same time, but it usually ends with one of us entertaining Albert, and then eating a cold meal. Since he is so little still we go to bed when he does to try to at least get some hours continuous sleep. And then we wake up and do it all over again. 


Can you share with us your favorites: 

Clothing brand in Oslo? Pia Tjelta. 

Artist? I love Gunnar S. Gundersens artwork, and Inger Sitter. The french painter Inès Longevial is amazing, and Isabelle Feliu’s drawings is so cool. 

Cafè? Eckers at Frogner. 

Artist? Sigrid, Sam Smith and Regina Spector.

Song? High five with Sigrid. 

City? And why?  Paris. No doubt. I just love the vibe - casual yet elegant people everywhere you go, sitting outside for hours enjoying smelly cheeses and wine, vintage shopping and the kind of dirty chaotic big city feeling. 

Book? «Hvordan elske en far og overleve» by Vetle Lid Larsen. Such a warm and funny yet true story about getting to know your parents and the sometimes difficult relationship in families filled with love. Just read it!

Thea with her love and baby daddy, Jon Martin

Thea with her love and baby daddy, Jon Martin


All photos are Thea Roll Rakeng’s own and are published with her permission.

Written by Adele Austrud