These Treehouses are the Perfect Getaway for the Weekend

“Gjøkeredet” - Photographed by   Catrine Krispinussen

“Gjøkeredet” - Photographed by Catrine Krispinussen

“Trehyttene” or the treehouses are located in Gjerstad in the Southern part of  Norway, halfway between Oslo and Kristiansand. If you want to go off the grid for some days, this is the perfect place to getaway. You will experience nature up close, as well as the changing weather and Norwegian climate and maybe best of it all, silence from the wildlife around you.

Photographed by   Catrine Krispinussen

Photographed by Catrine Krispinussen

We had a chat with Åse, founder and owner of “Trehyttene”. We asked here what their priorities were during the process of making their first Treehouse.

In our work with Trehyttene, our focus were on the architecture, quality and use of wood as materials. All the cabins have their own distinctive features, and many of our guests come back to try out the other cabins. We want our gusts to have a unique nature experience that they won't forget that easily and will store in the "drawer with the good experiences"

This is a holiday you’ll never forget. No expense has been spared in making these treehouses outside Risør in Southern Norway with top quality bedding, furniture and appliances.

Booking your stay at “Trehyttene” you'll have a choice of three different cabins with different facilities depending on what you prefer.

The first treehouse that was built is “Kråkeslottet”. This is the  treehouse with most facilities. It has running water, a full kitchen, bathroom and electricity. Staying in this cabin you won't get bored.

“Kråkeslottet” - Photographed by   Catrine Krispinussen

“Kråkeslottet” - Photographed by Catrine Krispinussen

There are many activities that can be done. It has it's own open fireplace that you may use making a campfire or you could use the large terrace which is hanging in the trees. You can try climbing trail, swimming or fishing. Also located 20 meters away from the treehouse is a little shed with hammers, nails and pieces of wood where children can get creative. We would say that this is the perfect cabin for a summer getaway with both friends and family.

Next up is “Gjøkeredet” built meters up into four steady pine trees, with great view and wilderness.This is a real treehouse, attached to four pin trees, a long staircase leads you up to the cottage, where you get miles of views and forests as far as human eye can see. You can cook on a gas stove and heat up the cabin with a wood stove. There is no electricity in ”Gjøkeredet”, but it has solar panels that provides light to the cabin. Åse and her team will make sure you have all the candles and firewood to the fireplace to create the magical atmosphere. You'll have the opportunity to explore the woods and the nice trails in the area. You can also swim in the river below.

“Gjøkredet” - Photographed by   Ulrikke Nilsen

“Gjøkredet” - Photographed by Ulrikke Nilsen

The views and wilderness is spectacular up there, high on the hillside, and far from civilization. Large windows and the porch of the cottage will give you the feeling of being in the middle of nature. Here you'll experience falling asleep and waking to the sounds of nature and the wind's movements.

The last cabin that was built is “Flåklypa” which is only a few meters away from “Gjøkeredet”. Flåklypa has a large roof terrace where you can enjoy the view and a bonfire with your friends and family. There is also plenty of room around the dining table in the kitchen/living room. If you’re looking for a place to rent with several families or a lot of friends we would recommend to rent both Gjøkeredet and Flåklypa, as its not far at at all to walk between these two cabins. In Flåklypa you'll find eight beds and a "ramp" up to the cabin, making it easier and more accessible for the disabled. Just like in “Gjøkeredet” there is no electricity in, but it has solar panels that provides light to the cabin.

Bring your clique or come by your self for some days “off the grid” and charging your battery's. For booking and more information about the cabins you can contact Åse at “”.

Written by Jonas Stefan.

Jonas Stefan Ntibigarura