Get to Know Susanne and Anette, the Sister-Duo Behind Lifestyle Blog "Radical Broccoli"!

Left: Susanne, right: Anette

Left: Susanne, right: Anette

We had a chat with Susanne and Anette! They are the sister-duo behind Radical Broccoli, a lifestyle blog (also, check them out on Instagram) where they share their mission to inspire people (and themselves) to live a bit more environmentally friendly in their day-to-day lives. They truly believe that taking care of the planet is cool, about time and a really positive experience. These days they’re working hard on finishing their book about tips for an everyday eco-friendly lifestyle which is out during May! With us, they share why they started Radical Broccoli, their best doable changes everyone can make to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and their best sustainable fashion and beauty advices.

Photo: Dagdrømmerne (Mona Moe Machava, Barbro Titlestad og Karoline Løvall).   Left: Anette, right: Susanne

Photo: Dagdrømmerne (Mona Moe Machava, Barbro Titlestad og Karoline Løvall). Left: Anette, right: Susanne

Talking sustainable living

When and why did you start

We started the blog because we were so excited and shocked to learn about the current food system and how it can be the most important solution to turn the climate crisis around, but also how it is currently the most polluting industry in the world. It was so mind blowing that what we eat can both makes us feel better and save the planet. We felt like we just had to share this. We did notice however, that almost everything we read about the environment was a bit scary and overwhelming and that most people already had too much on their plate to make huge lifestyle changes if they felt like it was forced upon them. Therefore we always try to focus on the positive aspect on taking better care of the plantet and that you don’t have to be a specific type or person to do this. It’s for everyone! 

Over time it became more of a lifestyle blog focusing on everything from wellness to zero-waste shopping, second-hand and vintage clothes and plant based foods, all the fun things! 

How did you both grow a love for our planet and sustainable living?

Anette: I was not at all aware of my impact when I was growing up, and I had a totally different career before RB, working in the Norwegian Armed Forces. Back when I was studying War Studies at King’s College in London when I experiences some really tough times health wise. That’s when I started to read about food and I became more interested in a different type of lifestyle. 

Susanne: My huge love and appreciation for taking care of animals, people and nature has always been driving me. After hitting «the wall» and struggling with my health (as Anette), I started learning what an impact we have through what we put on our plates. 

After we started surfing we also became really aware of the plastic floating around in the sea and on the beached and realized how much we were a part of the problem. So we decided to do something about it! 

Can you share your best, doable changes we all can easily make to leave less of a bad footprint on earth?

The best and most effective thing you can do is actually to eat more plant-based foods because the food system stands for around 30 % of the worlds green house gas emissions. Most of this comes from the meat and dairy industry, more specifically due to production of soy to feed animals. We love making delicious smoothie bowls, lattes with plant based milk, hummus, big hearty salads or pasta with a plant based sause. Our second tips is reducing your plastic consumption. Small changes like bringing a cute tote-bad when you are grocery shopping, bringing a reusable water bottle with you at all times, and using a reusable cup for coffee on the go get you a long way! Just keep these things at your purse in all times and you are good to go. 

Photo: Marlene Sæthre. Susanne (left) and Anette (right) looking effortlessly cool at a vintage market.

Photo: Marlene Sæthre. Susanne (left) and Anette (right) looking effortlessly cool at a vintage market.

Talking fashion

What’s your view on todays fashion industry?

Our view on the fashion industry is two-folded. On one hand, we admire the many talented and creative people out there making art and fashion. Putting together outfits and finding inspiration through clothes and accessories is something we both love. On the other hand, the fashion industry (especially fast-fashion) has just gone a bit out of hand. It’s polluting and harmful both for the people making the clothes and for the natural resources involved.  Something that should be celebrated as art and creativity has turned into a convenient and harmful way to make money for some companies. Fortunately, there are so many cool designers who both design amazing clothes and think about their environmental impact at the same time. 

Anette in a classic, timeless trenchcoat.

Anette in a classic, timeless trenchcoat.

How do you both stay so stylish in a sustainable way?

First of all, thank you! 

It’s been a process but over the past year or so we have completely changed our shopping habits, thereby our style. It was hard at first but now that we focus mostly on second-hand and vintage it’s really much more fun to find your own personal style and look. It’s more like treasure hunting than shopping. 

Favourite vintage shops?

Oslo: Uff Second-hand, Fretex, Ma Vintage, Robot Oslo, Reprise, and Livid.

Photo: Marlene Sæthre.   Susanne (left and Anette (right).

Photo: Marlene Sæthre. Susanne (left and Anette (right).

Talking plant based food

You’re both eating a plant based diet, why did you decide to make this change in your lifestyle?

We both grew up with a «normal» norwegian diet, but we both started to eat plant based to feel better. For us, this is a diet free from animal products, such as dairy and meat. We both felt that a plant based diet was the most delicious way to eat, in addition you get all the health benefits from tons of fresh fruits and vegetables every single day. After learning more about the industry as well, both about animal welfare and the incredible negative impacts the industry has on the planet it just felt wrong to eat animals. 

We both took a bit of a jump from «regular» to vegan-ish in a couple of weeks. Then we went back and forth eating a bit of fish until we were back to a vegan diet again, mainly because it felt good. Not everyone needs to go all vegan, but we can all increase the amount of plant-based foods we eat every day! 

Photo: Marlene Sæthre. Susanne (left) and Anette (right) with fresh plant-based groceries.

Photo: Marlene Sæthre. Susanne (left) and Anette (right) with fresh plant-based groceries.

Where are your go-to places for great, healthy food in Oslo?

Some of our favourites are Oslo Raw for amazing breakfast, cakes and lattes, Nordic Food Print for a warming lunch, Liebling for their açai bowl and beetroot latte, Funky Fresh Foods for amazing salads and raw bites, and Dit Peppern Gror for dinner with friends (Indian vegan food). Oh, and let’s not forget the best wok from Tunco. During the summer we love their spot at Vippa, and they recently opened at Oslo Street Food. 

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anette: Dates!  

Susanne: I’m a breakfast person so I think it has to be my favourite mango & banana breakfast smoothie with lots of toppings (preferably enjoyed in the sun).

Susanne taken by Marlene Sæthre.

Susanne taken by Marlene Sæthre.

Talking beauty


What’s true beauty for you?

Anette: Cliché because it’s true: shining from the inside out and self confidence.

Susanne: The natural glow and excitement that people have when they’re inspired! 

What are some skin care products you guys recommend that are both great for us and the planet?

Anette: Evolve, Juice Beauty and Herbivore.  

Susanne: I love my (plastic free) Beauty Cubes shampoo

How do you practice self-love?

Anette:  Working out, spending time in nature and with good people, yoga and getting out of my comfort zone. 

Susanne: Through small everyday habits such as yoga, meditation and working out, turning my phone off 1 hour before bed, giving my body healthy fuel and laughing with friends. 

Talking culture


Where do you go when in need of some cultural input?

Anette: To a festival or a concert. I also really love to explore new places and take a trip to my favorite city, Copenhagen. 

Susanne: I love going to the cinema and concerts! 

Who’s your favorite artist?

Anette: Hard to mention just one! 

Susanne: Frank Ocean.

Where’s your dream destination?

Anette: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. 

Susanne: I want to go surfing in Hoddevika really soon. 

Photo: Marlene Sæthre. Left: Susanne, right: Anette.

Photo: Marlene Sæthre. Left: Susanne, right: Anette.

For more inspiration, check out their blog here and follow them on Instagram here!

All photos are Susanne and Anette’s own - unless otherwise is stated - and published with their permission.

Written by Anine Netland Hulløen.