Meet Tone Berglinh, Designer Behind SALT, One of Our Favourite Jewelry Brands


We had a chat with the beautiful, jeweler's daughter, Tone Berglinh, who grew up in Kristiansand. She has just moved back to Oslo after several years in Copenhagen, where she studied jewelery design and technology. She’s also the designer behind one of our favorite jewelry brands, SALT. With us, she talks about the background for where everything with SALT started, what inspires her, how she practice self-love and how she styles her outfit with jewelry.


You are the designer behind SALT. Can you tell us more about this and how the idea arose?

Throughout my life, I have been attracted to sparkling, beautiful little objects, and having a need to express creativity and work practically. These needs were unfortunately overlooked for a long period of life, but fortunately it became very clear that I wanted to work creatively.

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård

I grown up in a jeweler's family and had a great deal of insight into this industry for much of my life. I experienced that there was very small innovation in the goldsmith industry and I saw an opportunity to develop a jewelry brand with a new design expression for the modern women. I love to design and develop stories through jewelry. But I had an internal conflict between living as sustainably as possible and producing new products as it’s critical with Mother Earth. Therefore, it has been important for me to understand and research why people are so drawn to beautiful objects and human needs to adorn themselves. I think it has been fantastic to dive into human history and see how people have exploited objects to express identity, belonging, culture and religion. When designing new jewelry, it’s very important to me that they express quality and have a long life. The most beautiful thing I know, is when jewelry can be passed on to the next generation. The goal is to develop the most sustainable production and produce quality products rather than quantity.

How does a regular day look to you?

A normal day starts with meditation and a run in the woods. But now that it is winter and I live in Oslo, the day starts with meditation, a good breakfast, while I listen to an exciting podcast. I spend my working day at an office space rented by the company Fjong. I love to rent office space here, I’m surrounded by creative and beautiful people every day. The day usually ends with home-made dinner with good friends.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by other people who speak passionately about their interests or anything they are fighting for. Nature inspires me, it is incomprehensible how perfect it works. Everything has its place. It's beautiful.

Where do you see SALT in five years?

I hope that I have gained a lot of new knowledge within the subject and my interests. I feel like a great need to learn more and develop. I hope that SALT has expanded into several stores in the Nordic countries and that I can continue to make jewelry that gives the owner pleasure. I also dream of doing collaborative projects with film projects or artists. I love concept development and telling stories.

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård


Can you share how you stay stylish with jewelry?

I have a stylish and minimalist style and use jewelry to lift the outfit and make it more exciting and playful. I love layers by layer and I like to use rings on all my fingers. The last two years it has been super trendy with big earrings, and this can help create an exciting expression and give the outfit the finishing touch to one. I also like to combine the inherited jewelry from my mother in combination with new jewelry. It gives a more personal touch to the outfit.

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård

What are the key-pieces you need to have in your wardrobe?

I need to have quality and classic garments in my wardrobe. I always shop with a thought that the product will have a long life. When I lived in Copenhagen I found a treasure on Studio Travel, an orange vintage jacket in silk. It's just as nice for jeans as for a dress. I also bought the perfect wool blazer from Rodebjer. It fits everything. My jewelry is also key-pieces, and I feel naked without them.

When in a fashion-crisis, what’s your go-to outfit for a… 

Party? A long dress with a cool oversized blazer or silk jacket, preferably with some casual shoes. Then I always feel elegant and cool.

Day at work? When working it is important to wear clothes that can withstand dirt. That is why I often wear an old denim shirt and some good jeans. And always wool! I freeze all the time.

Sunday at home? When I want to relax, it is important that the clothes are as comfortable as possible. Then I like to wear a delicious wool sweater and some cotton pants with the potential to hold a stomach with lots of good food inside!

Photo by Madeleine Noraas

Photo by Madeleine Noraas

Who's your favorite jewelry designer at the moment?

I’m really in love with Sophie Buhai's universe and jewelry. She designs jewelry with personality and quality.

What are the essentials you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

A classic and oversized dress jacket. It can be used for anything and you will always feel cool and stylish. And of course some cool jewelry to lift the outfit.


What’s true beauty to you?

Real beauty is so much. But my sister's laughter is on top of the list.

Can you share your best beauty advices with us?

I always feel beautiful after a run out in fresh air. Cutting out milk products has also done wonders for my skin.

Tone with SALT earrings

Tone with SALT earrings

How do you practice self-love?

I try to introduce meditation and breathing exercises every morning before starting the day. It gives me peace, presence and gratitude for everything I have in life.

Can you share with us your favourite...

Travel destination? A small Italian island called Ponza. It was like living in Kardemommebyen with pastel-colored houses, only with resident Italians and with a sea that looked like a swimming pool. Italy has everything I need, warm climate, good food, culture and welcoming people.

Designer? Jacquemus. Love the way he conveys his collections through storytelling.

Restaurant? Manfreds in Copenhagen. Short-trip, exciting and cheap food with good vegetarian options. A fantastic experience.

Artist? Solange Knowles, love her style and message.

Clothing brand? A Personal Uniform. 

Lipgloss? I'm still looking for the perfect lip gloss.

Food and drinks? Homemade, vegan food and coffee.

And lastly, where can we buy your jewelry from SALT?

You can buy the jewelry through Instagram ___saltudio and in my father's shop, Gullsmed Berglihn in Kristiansand.

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård

Photo by Frederikke Nørgård

Photos are taken by Frederikke Nørgård and Madeleine Noraas. Published with Tones permission.

Written by Adele Austrud Revheim