Guri Heli Talks Fashion, Beauty and Culture With Us!

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We had a talk with the lovely and stylish Guri Heli! She currently works as a flight attendant, as well as a stylist, influencer and blogger. With us, she shares what movies give her the most style and interior inspiration, everything she does to practice self love and what her plans are this upcoming summer!

Talking Fashion

What are the key-pieces you need to have in your wardrobe?

A beige trench coat, suit pants, a great white and black t-shirt, blazer and sneakers.

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Where and who do you get your style-inspiration from?

That’s a good question. I get inspiration from music, people and old movies. For instance Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Julia Roberts in “Mona Lisa Smile”, Angelina Jolie from the movie “The Tourist”. Also, I get tons of inspiration from the movie “Call me by your name”, a movie made last year, but that’s based on the year 1983 in north Italy. There’s plenty of interior- and style-inspiration there!

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When in a fashion-crisis, what’ to you wear?

My suit from Totême, it works with everything. I combine it either with a t-shirt or a singlet or sweater with turtleneck underneath. Then I use high heels or sneakers, depending on the occasion. Honestly, I feel that everything I use from my day-to-day life works in special occasions as well.

Who’s your favourite designers at the moment?

Four favourites are Totême, Envelope1976, Aesther Ekme and Romanin jewellery.

What accessory do you love ATM?

My Celine bowling bag.

Talking beauty

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In your opinion, what’s true beauty?

Confidence and to be yourself.

How do you practice self-love?

I prioritize to relax, go for walks, practice yoga and work out with my personal trainer. Also, I like going to cafés by myself, sit there and think, see and listen. I take care of my body by eating mostly healthy, work out, being kind to my skin and listen to my body. That’s important to me.

Can you share the secret to your glowing and healthy skin?

Skincare! Regular facial scrub, plenty of moisture, cleansers, plenty of water, sleep and a being happy and satisfied on the inside.

You only have 5 minutes in front of the mirror before you need to head out - what do you do?

I probably don’t use more than 5 minutes to get ready. I wash my face, apply a moisture-serum, cream with SPF and eyecream. Then, a thin layer of cc-cream, I brush my brows, put on some eyeshadow and rouge on my cheeks. Lastly, balm on my lips and brush through my hair.

Talking culture

What do you do when in need of some cultural input?

I get a lot of inspiration and motivation through music, theater and movies. And of course - people. I really like the music to Aurora, I’ve actually just been to one of her concerts in Bergen. In addition, I’m fan of Highasakite, Fay Wildhagen, and I love Sufjan Stevens from my favourite movie Call Me By Your Name. So beautiful! I also listen to alot of classical music and piano.

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Where to you love to travel to?

I love traveling to anywhere from Svalbard to Italy! I love nature, especially the Norwegian nature, and need that as a part of my life. On vacations to warmer places, I’m most happy by myself at a cliff with a great book or good music. I thrive in my own company and like to have it pretty quiet around me, at least on holidays. This summer, I’m going to Lofoten and Manshausen (@manshausen_island) with my mom. I would also love experience “Juvet” in Valldal in Møre og Romsdal (@juvetlandscapehotel) once in my life.

Where are your go-to-places in Oslo?

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I live at Torshov and have a route I jog a lot during the summer, to Huk. That’s also a great place to enjoy the sun and go for a swim. Vippa Oslo for great food from different nationalities, there’s so much tasteful food there! For coffee, I go to Tim Wendelbo and Supreme at Grünerløkka, and Villa Paradiso for pizza. Also, Ben Reddik for Middle Eastern inspired food. In the summer, I like taking the ferry from Aker Brygge out to one of the islands for a picnic with good friends. If I need some new interior, I go to Kollekted by, and bh møbler for great vintage. Other vintage stores at Grünerløkka that I like is Velouria Vintage and Ekko.

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All photos are Guri’s own and published with her permission.

Written by Anine Netland Hulløen