Talking Summer Knit With Camilla Dingsøyr, the Woman Behind Lôkal Oslo!

We had a summer knit-talk with Camilla Dingsøyr, the designer behind Lôkal Oslo. She works as a freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer, and Lôkal Oslo is a hobby that turned into a part time job. She loves spending time with her family and friends, yoga and knitting (of course), pretty much a cliché when she thinks of it. With us, she share how Lôkal Oslo started, her favorite knits and her best advice for those wanting to try knitting!

Camilla Dingsøyr. Photo: Henrik. J. Henriksen.

Camilla Dingsøyr. Photo: Henrik. J. Henriksen.

Can you share with us how you came up with the idea of Lôkal Oslo, and how the process of starting the brand came together?

I was constantly knitting and one of mye friends said that I should start making patterns so others also could knit my designs. I got a lot of feedback from people on my knitting designs so at some point I was like "Hey - let’s do this!» My background as a graphic designer came in handy when I was making the logo and the website. I did everything my self - so in the beginning it was very time consuming - and a lot of late nights.

How do you want Lôkal Oslo to be perceived?

I want Lôkal to be seen as an original, contemporary knitwear design with a clear signature. For me fashion is a way of expressing my self - I love colors, but my basic wardrobe is mainly black and white. Lôkal should be a bit like that - a lot of basic everyday designs, but also with some colorful designs to spice up the outfit.

The Famke Vest.

The Famke Vest.

Can you tell us about the concept?

When I started it was out of a need for more modern, trendy knitting patterns. And also, to make patterns where you don’t have to twist your brain to understand the process of knitting. I have knitted a lot, but found patterns hard to break down, almost like a foreign language. I want Lôkal to be a forward thinking knit-brand, that makes wearable knitwear, always with a foot in fashion. And I like to push the concept of what you can knit - like a swimsuit for instance. I mainly design stuff I wan’t to wear but can’t find. Some of my designs might look simple, but they are carefully designed to be exactly the way I want them to look and feel when I wear them.

What’s good fashion in your opinion?

For me good fashion is sustainable, and always with good fabrics, and carefully thought trough designs. It can be playful or it can be straight forward. But quality and cut is important.

Can you share with us your favorite pattern from your collection?

I think my ultimate favourite is The Oh´la Jacket. It combines everything I love: It is a pretty easy jacket with pockets, made with norwegian wool, but made more fun and quirky and cool with the embroided leopard dots. But I also have huge crush on The Famke Vest - I feel like a french ceramic artist/ teacher from the 70s when I wear it - it’s a good feeling.

The Oh’la Jacket.

The Oh’la Jacket.

The Frida Swimsuit.

The Frida Swimsuit.

What inspires you?

I would say almost everything! Music, films, tv-series, people on the street; old, young, women or men. A smell. Big designers like Marni, Comme des Garcons and Marimekko. My mother when I was a kid - she had great style! If I were to pick a century - it would be the 90´s. I was a teenager then, and so into pop music and fashion and I loved the supermodel era with girls like Naomi Cambell, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss. I read fashion magazines all the time. I was a bit obsessed with fashion I guess.

How would you style a knitted summer outfit?

I would wear a long skirt, or a denim shorts with a white or black singlet or t-shirt and pair it with a knitted jacket. And Birkenstocks. Always!

Can you tell us about the materials you use?

I mainly work with wool. I love norwegian sheeps wool, but as a designer I can’t use only that, many people feel that norwegian wool is itchy (I don’t think so). And also I like different expressions, so I vary with fabrics. I love Alpaca and Mohair but also the combination of cotton and wool. Cotton can be ok for smaller designs, but I rarely use pure cotton.


What are the key-pieces you think everyone needs in their wardrobe?

A black sweater and jacket - that’s a must have!

When in fashion-crises, what do you wear?

Black jeans, white t-shirt, my Oh´la Jacket and Nike Huarachees. That is my go to-outfit!

Where do you see Lôkal Oslo in five years?

Hopefully I still make patterns that people want to buy and knit. I guess Lôkal will evolve with me - so the look will adjust to my age and mood I guess.

What advices would you give those who wants to start a business themselves?

Just do it! But make sure you know what you are doing! I would never have started out if I didn’t know I was able to follow through the whole process. And also, trust your self. That you are good enough! Trust your own ideas - don’t mind what others are doing. At the end of the day you only have yourself - so make sure that person is someone you want to spend time with!

Can you share some tips for beginners who wants to knit?

Cast on a simple project - like a hat or scarf. Finishing a knitting project is important for your knitting mojo. It’s satisfying and will give you the urge to cast on a new (and maybe bigger) project. Ufo’s are the opposite, they are just lying there staring at you.

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All photos are Camilla’s own, unless otherwise stated.

Written by Adele Austrud